Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Shanghai purses & textures workshop (3) 上海教學

 Other than botanical imprints skills I taught in Shanghai Jinze Arts Centre , I also taught the various techniques of wool felt making.  We used the swatches of eco prints students made to do wool felt embellishments and textures design. What else was the making of wool felt purses with straps done in one go and then eco-printed.
上海 金澤工藝社第二環節做羊毛氈化工藝,  製作手袋及立體肌理技巧. 兩天的學習, 學生們完成多款製作, 喜孜孜的來個大合照, 套用他們的術語 "完滿收官"!.
 These are the techniques of  eco printed textures, strap and flap in the workshop.
 Samples of my purses for their inspiration
 Most students like the "coblestone texture" a lot, so I taught them the making of such.
 Enclosed resist is used for the purse making
 I brought along various tools.  This one is boomerang souvenir from Australia, quite good for the corner shaping.
 This mini wedge from Heartfelt Silk is very good for edges and inside shaping and rubbing.
 A purse with one flap and the one as inner pocket, simply lovely of natural wool color.
The other one with eco-prints to make it bright.
 This one with a few euc silver dollar on the flap.
 This one is nuno felted with swatch prints of plum and euc.  A soft tone clutch.
 A bright purse with euc and little green from plum leaf.
 A purse is made with all Finn wool which is super easy felted
 A hat, a tea cosy or whatever you name it. Eileen made it with Finn wool and the little dots with her lovely cats hair.
 Another piece with strips tore from fabric and felted as decoration.  Intended to make it a purse but now may be a vessel.
 I demo the  making of "coblestone textures" with the natural printed swatch. Bright with alum mordanted euc, onion skins.
QinNan made the textures with her eco printed swatch with iron mordant.  So the dark shades.
 Students' 3D textures made

 A few different purses students made

 The whole set of eco print and wool felt - hair band, neck tie, nuno felt outfit, wool felt purse with and  iPad case with the fish mark.  
My students with their creations.........  See their happy smiles.....

  The lecturer and his student  both from Beijing design institute

Thank you my students and the team from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China made my week fabulous in Shanghai Jinze Arts Centre
Next post will be a wrap up of the workshop there.  


  1. Great job, Terriea! I know the students all enjoyed your class.

  2. The results are fabulous, made in only a few days....

  3. What a wonderful selection of felting!

  4. Was für großartige Ergebnisse !
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch !
    Alles Liebe Angela

  5. What fun this workshop and teaching time with students who are eager to learn and create. I can tell they all had a good time and so did the teacher. Pretty purses and treasured things to show for this time.
    Susanne :)

    1. Oh yes Susanne. Students and me enjoyed so much in the traditional environment to do the contemporary art.

  6. Thank you so much for encouraging me!


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