Sunday, July 12, 2015

Color fastness test of botanical imprints 植物移印染色牢度測試

Gorgette silk vest with botanical imprints

I like the subtle look of natural prints even it's always unexpected.
   When I share this simple DIY imprints.  I was always asked about color fastness.   The plants I used are mostly with strong pigments or with natural mordant, such as rusty water.
I need to prove thus done the testing recently. 
I bundle boiled 1.5 hours a gorgette silk fabric with sorts of eucalyptus and rose leaves, a few leaves dipped in iron solution and others not. Fabric then cut and sewed into the vest as above image.
植物移印染, 效果往往是奇妙及難以想像的, 到底色調的牢度如何? 我作了試驗, 把葉印布料製成一件小背心, 用同一片布料做一小袋子, 加入洗衣粉與日常衣物每次以洗衣機一小時多的洗動, 經40多次的洗滌, 下圖比較, 與原本的色調沒明顯的退色, 可以想像, 桉樹葉印在絲料上是比較牢固. 其他的葉印效果有待實驗.

I made a small bag of the same fabric for color fastness testing.

I put a spoonful of detergent into the small bag and machine washed with daily laundry. 
After 40 times washing with detergent, each of an hour in machine cycle.  I compared with the original picture (the left image), they're almost the same (the right image). 
My conclusion, a silk vest like the one I made, those sorts of euc leaves imprints particularly the iron dipped leaves are bold and fixed, even no change with detergent. 
For sort of this botanical imprints, it is advisable to hand wash with mild soap and air dry in shade. 
  Color fastness of botanical imprints on fabrics other than silk and wool may vary.  Have to do more testing.  


  1. I think we would prefer to hand-wash silk anyway! But it's good to have done the experiment. Always useful to have more information!

  2. wow, thats great to know!! It really holds the dye well!

  3. These are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Do you think it's possible to do eco-printing on polyester chiffon as well?


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