Sunday, April 19, 2015

Days in Europe - on the go......歐洲行腳繼續上路

Now in the mid of my travels in Europe. I enjoy every moment being a solo traveller while 
sometimes with friends.  I'm not a sort of label shopper, I like strolling, walking, meeting friends, chatting..... sitting in the cafe for two hours.......... This is Martinus coffee campus in Bratislava, Slovakia - a book cafe I've been there for four times in a week.  Bratislava is the hub of my travels in Europe this time. A few hours later I'm leaving for Salzburg and Hallstatt for another leisure exploration. My friend said "did you say you're going for interaction or teaching this time, sounds more than a pleasant travel!".  I said yes, I've 3 purposes of this trip - sight seeing, interaction of my skills and attending workshop in Holland.
此行來到歐洲,「他他條條」的,香港朋友問我不是説去「教人」嗎? 看似去玩多些! 我説是「交流」! 是唷,看我前些網誌不是已提及了? 不過更主要目的是本周末去荷蘭參加的一個課程,未開課前順道在隣國走走,斯洛伐克是我的中途駐站,在斯洛伐克友人家中我有更多日子所以又教了她做了這帽子給她女兒。

Yes, interaction for me is a kind of teaching. During this trip I shared with my friends natural printing and wool felting techniques. This is the recent one I done with my friend Zeinad in Bratislava - a wool felt hat with 3D textural flowers for her daughter Layla.

A blue or turquoise hat goes with her coat
I layered wool with enclosed resist, then put my own eco printed silk chiffon as surface texture. 
The ruffled textures are dyed scraps of silk chiffon with eucalyptus and logwood.
That will be a warm hat for the sweetie in the long cold days in Europe

Martinus book cafe will again be my spot after Salzburg ......  back soon for the rich chocolate.
See the shortly Layla.


  1. Absolutely beautiful, blue hat. I really like it and it matches Layla's winter coat so well. Have fun on your journeys. xx

  2. what an amazing life you lead, its always so calmly described to us, you have such a wonderful out look on life and it reflects in everything you do. The hat is beautiful and she must be very happy with it. I can't wait to read more of your travel adventures,

  3. That is a lovely hat, and Layla looks enchanting in it!

  4. Cieszę się, że Ci się podoba w Europie. Szkoda, że nie zahaczyłaś o Polskę, to znacznie większy kraj od Węgier i Słowacji i myślę, że miałabyś co podziwiać.
    Miłej dalszej podróży.


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