Friday, April 17, 2015

Days in Europe - Impromptu sharing in Hungary 匈牙利的交流

In between my stay in Slovakia, my blogger friend Betti invited me to visit her in Hungary. Though it's not my planned trip to Budapest.  Betti was so nice to invite me to stay for a couple of days. This morning I was so glad to share my skills of botanical imprints and my honor to meet other friends of natural dye and wool felt makers.  These days I was so impressed with the brilliant weather and stunning views of Budapest and the village Nagykovacsi where my Betti lives.
當我抵達斯洛伐克期間,在匈牙利的網友 Betti 盛意的邀請我到布達佩期幾公哩外她的村莊幾天,乘兩個半小時過境長途車到底布達佩斯舊地從遊,這幾天的天空特別明朗,藍天白雲朵朵,在友人村莊歡迎我的還有可愛女孩及她的貓兒,我被邀與新朋友交流我的植物移印染技巧,也很榮幸認識其中一位匈牙利草木染專家及作者 Kemendi Agnes, 她還送給我她的簽名書一本。

I've visited Budapest some years ago. These days the weather was absolutely beautiful with blue skies and clouds.  We took the boat along Danube......
Such grand views of buildings...... the Parliament ......
The churches......
After the boat ride, we arrived in a few miles away village Nagykovacsi, home of Betti.
Can't believe my eyes these are the true skies. Pictures speak themselves how beautiful the village is.

More than happy to stay in my friends house is making friend with her gorgeous girl Zsofi. She's 7 years old, always wearing smiles and speaks softly and telling me stories...... Hungarian ! I don't know the language but guess from her smiles, laughs the funny stories.  These days I've so good moments with sweeties in Slovakia and Hungary they made me feel 30 years younger, as a mum then !
As my travel wishes are to meet friends and the four-leg friends. Always lovely to take shots with them. This is Zsofi's cat called "Yellow Eye". So adorable.
My stay in Betti's was fun to share botanical imprints.  It's not planned before my coming but we still found all the resources in a finger tip.  Simply wiped some rust from the rusty cart for iron, a little onion skin, rose leaves and euc.  That's all we made shades of color in 2 hours.
My honor to meet the new friends. Kemendi Agnes is a textile dyeing expert and author of a book. She's so kind to give me her book with autograph.
Thank you Agnes for the informative book.
I was also impressed with the natural dyeing done by Gemma. All the soft and beautiful color shades on her wool samples.
Thanks for Betti's invite. My pleasure to meet the lovely ladies.
Thank you Gemma for joining.


  1. Looks great..and how perfect to find what you needed at your fingertips.. Delightful work and sharing! You know I am happy for you, too, finding two lovely young
    sweeties" and a Big Kitty!

    1. I'm happy being invited and have such lovely,warm and gorgeous hosts - the family and the cats. Will be back to Slovakia noon today and with the sweetie Layla for another great few days.

  2. How wonderfull to have friends in all the places you travel. Budapest is a delightful looking place with very grand buildings. Some day perhaps I shall get there. Enjoy your time. xx

    1. Yes, Budapest is a capital with grand buildings and the little village of tranquility. Lucky to have friends here.

  3. Lovely weather and a wonderful adventure!


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