Monday, January 12, 2015

Nuno felt with painting 混纖畫作絲巾

Recently I learnt the basic acrylic painting. Indeed I hope to do my multi-media creations colorful.  Flowers and cats painting are what I like most  Mogi is my model ........ 
愛上彩繪, 畫花畫貓是的喜做的習作.
 He helps me holding the chiffon while I do the painting (silly boy !!)
Yup, finished. That's the silk chiffon for a nuno felt scarf.  I use acrylic as it will not "bleeding" and ever last.
48小時乾透後 不退色

After the paint dried in 48 hours,  I put the merino wool along the edges and fringes on other sides as well a little mulberry silk and  Wenslaydale wool for the textures.
放上羊毛 、亮麗蠶絲,  開始做羊毛混絲巾...
 After rubbing, rolling and slightly moving action, a scarf is done. 一輪搓揉後便成型
 He, who is a territorial occupant finds it his own !!
哈 ! 小子以為是他的 !! 好開心 哩 !
                              A scarf is a scarf for ladies, not for pets.

 Wensleydale is good texture and little mulberry silk for lustrous

 Nuno felt scarf with little wool is ideal for all seasons.
 I painted it and made it from scratch.
 I learn from basic and needs practice. It's fun to paint.  That's me in the kindergarten stage......... 近日開始塗鴉, 小兒科的畫 .
At least he's the one appreciates it !!??
 Silly boy !!


  1. the scarf is beautiful, your painting skills are beautiful! You have real talent!

    1. Thank you Laurie. I just began learning. Your paintings are very impressive and I admire you so much.

  2. Glad to see you experimenting with mixing different techniques. Did you find the acrylic paint made the silk hard or did you find a way around this? Did you use acrylics with a fabric medium? Have you tried painting with silk paints and creating outlines with gutta

    1. Painting with acrylic on fabrics like cotton other than silk is easier. But this first trial on silk chiffon I just dilute in water, very thin to apply on the surface, so no hardened. I will try the specific paints for silk next. That will be creative and fun play.

  3. Continuing on....gutta resist. Or, there's a medium you can paint on the whole project before painting freestyle with silk paints. But maybe you ah e tried these techniques already.

  4. Lovely to look at, You must have had to dilute the acrylic a long way!

    1. It's easy just dilute in water. Would try with silk paints later.

  5. Such a beautiful scarf ... you do lovely work and your cat is adorable :)

  6. Oh, nice to meet you, Terriea , I look forward to your future posts

  7. Oh wow.. I would never of thought of using acrylic paint on silk to nuno felt! Thanks for sharing the tip! I will have a go at this when I get chance :)


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