Monday, December 29, 2014

Mending by wool 羊毛修復物

 The day I went to the shop to source silk fabrics, I found the very fine knitted wool.  So delicate and soft but I'm not sure if it's good for botanical imprints.  It's not cheap compare with silk I usually buy.  While hesitated the owner Mrs Chow said she got a piece with a little tatter that she could offer me special price.  I found it's only minor flaw I may use wool to mend it. So the 2-yd knitted wool went into the cooker for my experiment.
This is the piece I printed with assorted eucalyptus and rose leaves.  The shawl came out nice and the amended part just icing on the cake.

I intentionally to put the leaves only on the upper and bottom with the middle blank.
The left pic is the tattered part.  I put some wool over and underneath the wool fabric.  After rubbing and it's felted.
I put the leaves over the wool fabric with rose petals on the wool felted spot.
The upper part sandwiched with leaves so the "collar" both sides with prints.
The bundle was blended tightly.  I like to blend it and pull the tie string around firmly. The main reason is I boil it in my small electric cooker which barely fit this big round bundle.
Unwrapped after some time of boiling.  The eaves prints and hue of iron mordant.  The wool felted spot just got little purple from rose petals
It's not bad with wool mending.
Fingers crossed if to cut  two arm holes to make a vest.
Most likely leave it as it is.  This kind of knitted wool is so soft,  no crease, light and drapes well.
It takes up pigment and not necessary hemmed.
Such a good buy and experiment on new fabric.
Technique of making this natural prints available in my ETSY instant download pdf tutorial.


  1. This is beautiful and a great experiment

  2. A very successful experiment, I agree!

  3. Piękne!!!! Jesteś mistrzynią! Marzę o robieniu takich odcisków lecz w Polsce nie rosną eukaliptusy..... Róży mam pod dostatkiem lecz eukaliptus, który rośnie w donicy niestety nie farbuje:-(. Pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie i gratuluję takich spektakularnych wyników.


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