Saturday, October 25, 2014

Endeavor to change - Mustard dye 植物印染衣飾

 A botanical imprinted scarf / vest redyed to mustard color.  
This is the piece of prints I endeavor to redye for gradual color.
 I picked the Lagerstroemia Indica with some yellow, red and green.  Hope to get different shades from autumn windfalls.

 I laid the assorted leaves, a few eucalyptus and bundle boiled the silk fabric for 1.5 hours.
This is the picture of the layout and outcome.
 I intended to put some more leaves on the top of the square fabric to make it a vest / scarf, simply lined two arm holes and hemmed. A multi-style of vest of "upside-down".
 Prints of Lagerstroemia Indica are not much different in spite of green or windfalls of yellow . The long and orange prints are eucalyptus.
 With tannin of leaves and iron, the watercolor painterly effect is so pleasing but I sometimes this is only happy accidents.

 Prints on the collar as a vest .......
 Simply a scarf
I thought it's no harm to make mustard color on the lower part.

 So I redyed the fabric in the eco dye pot.
The left one is before and right one is after dyed.
 The scarf / vest of gradual green
 Left is undyed, the right one dyed
I've to admit the original undyed one is fair enough but keen on experiments I will get the idea of different effect.  
On and off people asked me about eco print / dye.  I'm happy to share common queries.  For my way of getting this mustard green on silk, I use turmeric + logwood + alum. 
 Before putting in the dye pot, I soak the fabric in water with alum.   I soak the logwood chips for a few hours then wrap it with a scrap of fabric, .  For a pot of about 1 L water, I put a teaspoon each of turmeric, logwood and alum.  All together bring to boil then simmer for 10 min.  The longer the stay in the pot the darker the color. 
That's what I got.

Have a nice day ! Until next time.


  1. Absolutely beautiful Terrie! I love the mustard with the prints..

  2. Thank you for so generously sharing your technique.

    1. Thank you KFG. Little skill love to share with like-minded.

  3. Terriea,
    What beautiful colors. What a lovely color of yellow it becomes once it is rinsed. I love your work.It is so very inspiring to all of us other artists out here. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Linda for your appreciation.


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