Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Eco print tote bag 植物印染袋子

A tote bag I made the eco prints with eucalyptus,  rose leaves, pines, cones and Lagerstroemia. 
不斷的實驗與偶爾的發現, 植物印染帶給我無限創意, 我要做的是 "獨一無二",  這就是我的新作.........
 The day I went to gather some eucalyptus after typhoon.  Found some blown off of leaves,  too bad they're dried but too good some were the species I wanted but never got as they're too high to get. Now just picked on ground.  Eager to do the experiments.......
 To me surprise the leaves prints so great and bold on a wool flannel sample.
      So I decided to make the prints on another flannel with my design in mind with some euc, rose leaves, pines and cones.
 As expected turnout strong and bold
 I cut the flannel into two pieces to make a tote bag with the prints
 Each side of different prints, completed with lining and handles
 A tote bag with two-sided eco prints on flannel is finished
 Two species of euc leaves of bright red and orange, khaki rose leaves with dark outlines
 Pines and cones on the other side with little euc and Lagerstroemia

 Inside pockets with magnet button and zipper with my own ceramic pendant.  Room enough to hold stuff
 "Trespass" ?!  Handles are firm with leather lining.
 A set of tote bag with scarf of eco print - firm bag and soft scarf flowing.......
 Eco print is bond with me, I keen on trying every piece of leaf and fabric.  Now I found the flannel is another good piece.
I'm proud to carrying this in town.

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  1. The colours are really bright and vivid, aren't they!


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