Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fabulous Tuscany going on 精彩旅途- 繼續上路

Haven't updated my blog for a while. My friends not on FB may not know how fabulous I'm  now! A few days after Florence I was heading to Sarteano, a medieval little town in the hill top of Tuscany to continue my main purpose of the European trip for interaction and sharing my eco printing and wool felting as well the cultural visit.
此行歐洲之旅雖然部分日子獨行但好享受個人自主行程,然此行最終目的是到意大利山城小鎭Sarteano 與藝術家友人交流,朋友夫婦原居英國,現在此鎭享受退休及創作生活,二佰年前建造的房子座落中世紀風情村莊,偶然一兩聲打獵槍聲, 清晨公雞啼鳴,幽幽的燻草氣味,這幾天的天氣美極,景色宜人,一會兒遊覧一會兒創作,就是這幾天的活動。

On the train from Florence to the town already impressed with the stunning views.

Arrived the station, my friend June picked me up. We jumped into the jeep. She said that the house is on the hill top and rough road thus jeep is used nd be aware of the rough ride. Haha... such short fun rides each time up and down to the town. The house is of typical Italian, more than 200 years old cozy house.

Sitting in any corner of the house will find oneself immerse in the poetry.
In day time I smelt the grass buring, heard once or twice gun shots because now is hunting period and rooster "wake up" calls.
My friend June and Dick are couple from England, have been enjoying their retirement life for a few years. They have olive grove and some own grown produce. Meals sometimes with their fresh picked tomato, figs..... wow.... so tasty.
Artistic host and the house
We've sometimes Italian food, sometimes Thai and this Indian dinner was fabulous!

A day out for the scenic view - that's the only place I viewed from post card. How great I was able to see it!
View of Val d'Orcia
Picturesque ! Isn't it?

Beautiful vineyard is next in the town. Looks tempting.....
We picked some wild flowers for Eco printing
Demo on iron mordant and laying

The first sample prints

Not only we played fun with local plants, June's so nice to show me around the nearby medieval towns and the shop she has her  nuno felt and Eco printed scarves.
Fun time in the mid, yet to come more.....

We also made nuno felt. What so fun to play with? Will share more next.


  1. Beautiful landscape & buildings! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time :)

  2. Am enjoying seeing more of your Tuscan and eco-print journey..lovely pix..xx

  3. What a great time you are having, full of experiment, adventure, and other good things!

    1. Italy medieval towns are lovely. Yes a good adventure.

  4. Indeed a fabulous time....and the lovely friendship

    1. Yes Melinda, a great time for me here in Italy.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these delightful pictures. Absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Dawn. Love to share the beautiful views.

  6. What fun and memories. I hope you continue to enjoy your travels and visits with friends in Italy. Hope you get to enjoy the olives and grapes. The figs sound wonderful too. So nice to be able to enjoy the fresh pickings of fabulous trees that God has given us to feed the body and all the other stuff to feed the soul.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. Thank you Susanne. I enjoyed every moment, people, food and our crafts sharing.


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