Friday, June 6, 2014

Nuno felt dresses, body form.... all my good gifts 給我的禮物 !

Purple is one of my fav colors.  Purple in summer reminds me lavender.  The nuno felt dress made with my purple dyed silk .......
這是我的紫色系列羊毛混雪紡無縫長裙 .
用羊毛? 對, 香港的火熱天氣, 無阻我製作這輕薄絲料混羊毛裙子.

 Originally, I tie dyed the silk chiffon in a pot with logwood chips  The bundles with some euc silver dollars to have reddish orange. Intended to make them scarfs but I was not quite happy with the result.  I tore them in strips to make a nuno felt dress.
 The back, main color is purple
 The front is more reddish
 In a hot summer afternoon I made the dress like a farmer in the field, with sweats..... After hours of layering....
then rubbing, the easy action....
Finished the dress and fit to form.

  Front and back of the dress
Wondering if Mogi approves it?
I made the dress from scratch to finish, that's the present I made for myself but probably not to wear, just to challenge own creativity and practice for what I've learnt. 
My day is due and I can "claim" my hubby a present.  Formerly I demanded  yards of silk fabric to play with but I found a body form is what I want.  This is a must for a garment felter. I love it.  BUT I still want my wearable demo by a model in a vivid way.  Expecting.......
Recently apart from making the above nuno felt dress, I've also made another gown with the tone of purple.  I used the silk scrap dyed in logwood pot to do the texture surface of the should strip.  Will show more after shots with a pretty model.  Stay tuned.


  1. cant wait to see it on a live of cos!

  2. The dress is amazing just like everything you make. Great job.

  3. will look forward to seeing the dress form..and the dresses on the live and lovely model! Always great to see what you are up to…and Mogi too!

    1. Just completed shooting. Will post next. Thanks for stopping by Ginny.

  4. Wonderful dress!

  5. The colors are lovely. Although my very favorite color is blue like the sky, I would have to say that purple is pretty too, the color of royalty. Can't wait to see what you do with all this.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. Thanks Susanne. Have some shots with my busy bee and will be shown in next post.


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