Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wool felt cats hanging or mattress 貓貓掛畫 / 地氈

Welcome to my studio. The two cats at the door are waiting for you.

My wool felt doorstep mattress or a wall hanging that........

my cat Mogi has contribution.......

Since he's with us for  four years I've been keeping his hair after brushing. I know I'll do something with them.  
 See this fluffy brat, his hair is so fine, some may be only 16m.
 Yesterday I made a wool felt picture with Mogi's hair.  Started layering the cats shape. The white cat  is all with his hair, the others are assorted raw fleece from my sweet neighbor.  

I used the bits and bats from previous projects for the bottom decoration.

After layering the surface I turned it over.

 Covered it with my "not-so-good" natural printed chiffon as backing.
 After an hour of layering, ready to wet felt. 
 Another hour of rubbing and rolling, here came the picture.  My intention was just to make two cats back, leave it as "Looking forward to" but found it plain.
 Decided to do stitches along the cat shapes to bring the outlines and made eyes.
 Cat with facial expression looks better.
A picture, a wall hanging.....
 a mattress in my tiny studio or whatever it serves.
 I've already made three pieces of hanging with the raw fleece my neighbor gave me.   Really crazy about raw fleece.  They smell great while making and the textures are wonderful that give me lots of creation.
 Cats of black & white are always my favour. 
 Mogi's hair felts so easy.
"Hmmmmm, I hate brushing but can't believe I've some contribution in mum's creation.",

 Ever since I encountered wool felt, I know cat's and dog's hair are workable. I always encourage my friends to keep their pets' hair and I can do something with them.  These are the stuff I made for friends with their cat's and dog's hair.  Quite a nice keepsake for their loved family members.


  1. Hello Terriea, Such a very lovely creation with Mogi cat hair and raw fleece. Fantastic looking. I love the embroidery you did to outline Mogi's shape. It added just the right touch.. All your creations with your friend's doggie or cat hair is very pretty. I especially love the Pink Treasure Box. What fleece was it made of?? Hugs judy

    1. Thanks Judy. You mean the pink treasure box on the bottom right? It's actually light brownish made with a poodle dog's hair for the box body, the top fleece is Teeswater curly fleece.

    2. Yes, that is the one I was talking about. Poodle hair worked very well. I have never used Teewater curls fleece ever, I have seen it used on several of your projects. I will have to look for some. Hugs Judy

  2. I think its wonderful to use Mogi's fur for your creations, the objects you made from others furs are as well beautiful memory keepers!!!

  3. I'm glad to know that Mogi's contribution turned out so well. No doubt you will find him sitting on it at every opportunity!

  4. Your cat rug turned out so beautifully! I think it was a good idea to use some thread to make outlines on the cat faces.


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