Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Students' Nuno Fellt & Natural Printed scarf 學生的混絲印染課

In a gloomy spring day, outside was getting to rain and dull but my students were managed to finish the vivid nuno felt scarfs with pretty leaves prints.  Yesterday A & J came the second time to learn from me wool felting.  Two weeks ago they made the woolly tote bags.  They're really into wool felt and have the passion. How wonderful !
濛濛細雨的早春, 兩位學生A & J 意興正濃來到我家做第二件的羊毛製作. 今次是做一件混絲羊毛被肩然後舖上葉子做植物印染.  是日完成了繽紛多變款式 nuno felt 被肩, 傍晚高興地被著回家.
Laid wool on silk chiffon with merino white and little purple on the upper part of the scarf, left the bottom to open.

After rubbing and "rock n roll" , each finished a long nuno felt scarf in 2.5 hours.
Put on some rose leaves, assorted euc leaves for the second part of the making.    This was my students' first time making natural prints and have no idea how it would turn out.  Though I'm keen on using iron mordant to have shades, they may not like the unexpected result of dark.  So we only used the leaves and simple method without mordant.

After boiled in 2 hours.......   unwrapping.....

  with candy color .......

Soft green of rose leaves, bright red of silver dollar euc and yellow to gold of other euc from bold on the wool part to soft on the chiffon base.

All those colors are what they wanted
Nuno felt scarf prints on wool are bold and bright, down on the chiffon prints are soft and draping nicely.

Light tie lines added color at one end

A scarf? a wrap?   Multi styles.

Wool on the upper to have a collar

Thank you A & J.  You made it.  You made me a rainy day, a gloomy day bright with the colorful scarf.


  1. do you boil this in a stainless steel pot to keep the white background Terria?

    1. Yes I use the stainless steel pot but it's not that reason of keeping the background white. By bundling and no iron mordant is one of the reasons.

    2. thank you for your reply, I have used aluminium pots, iron pots, iron water, vinegar, iron pipes for winding onto, wood poles, plastic wrapped newspaper, stones etc. Everything plays it's part doesn't it. Such fun.

  2. What a lovely bright effect!

  3. What very very lovely Nuno Felted scarfs. Your students created beautiful scarfs under your great teaching. Hugs Judy

  4. ni Terrie, its me, Laurie, from I love a cloudy a cloudy day blog.In December my vision failed me, I thought my blogging was finished, I gave up my blog, then help came in the form of a new computer for the visually disable, I am back, a new blog, almost the same name, I have been trying fin all my friends, I have missed you,

  5. Laurie, you're always in my mind. I miss you dearly. Glad that you're back. Will visit you again.


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