Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Good finds 深水埗尋寶

 Other than doing sculptural objects for decoration like the teapots I made before, I also  like functional creation.  The tinkle boxes just made.  Inspired to make it because .........
深水埗是我們的尋寶地, 日前以色列友人到訪, 我特別和她到深水埗大量搜購手作材料, 她滿載而歸, 我也在布行取了些哩士布辨, 手中有些材料, 我便一頭栽做我的創作, 黑白兩盒子就是這星期的製作.
  last week I have a guest from Israel, Rachel, who's a student of Irit Dulman.  We both learnt from Irit eco prints but not in the same class so it's the first time we met.   I showed her the supplies in Shamshuipo.  She bought lots goodies of fabrics, threads, beads, all the wonderful materials for crafts and arts creation.
We'd a great time to share the common interests of eco prints and wool felt. She gave me a wool felt brooch with nice stitches and I gave her a necklace with ceramic pendant I made.  The beads and thread I also bought in Shamshuipo - artisans' paradise.
Apart from good buys we got lots of free fabric samples.  I took some laces, the black & white is my target for nuno felt.

A friend gave me a small souvenir of Chinese craft.  The actual size of this is quite big, usually stacks with some valuables on the very traditional marriage engagement day.      Idea from this and the laces I got, also the silk fabric I dyed ........

 I decided to make something of nuno felt.   

The first tinkle box made.
  I used the "not-so-good" natural dyed silk scrap to make the textural body, wrapped the handle and the cover intended to have textural feel.

The second, white and a bit delicate
Body with lace and the cover with nuno felt chiffon flower

  I made both the mouths bigger to have functional usage.

The dark one is ancient look

Both I embellished with glass beads

Ttinket boxes for little something

Round looks of both

They're the new creation just finished this weekend. 
Still quite crisp and dry winter days. While sitting in my studio I felt cold but with all the stuff I made from a painted working board, Bordeleira sheep rug, natural printed runner and all the stuff made by myself I felt warm.  


  1. The boxes are utterly charming!

  2. These are so absolutely beautiful!!! The construction looks so perfect and fantastic!!

  3. What a fun shopping trip that you and Rachel shared, and such beautiful gifts exchanged. I love your Tinkle boxes....They are so lovely. You are so talented Terriea.

    Hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank you so much Dawn. Know that your weather is getting better and will have teaching in Vancouver. GREAT for people on the West can learn from you the beautiful designs.


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