Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mixed media figurine 多媒體創作

Can't stopping making Paverpol. This time I made the skeleton with Paverpol but dressed up with nuno felt gown to make the soft fabric texture.
It's easy to put on nuno felt and shape it fit on the body
Before I played with Paverpol I used to make with ceramic or paper clay for the body like these other two.
Sharon G. taught me this wonderful textile craft, I then created my way to do my nuno felt gown. This fabric is natural printed with leaves.  I first soaked the silk fabric in alum water and assorted eucalyptus leaves in alum water overnight so color is a bit yellow. 
All done and ready for a cat walk....
My elegant beauty of mixed media

Now I can make the models of my nuno felt with Paverpol that allows me to make bigger and taller.


  1. Terrie, it looks like you are on a roll here with the doll making. All of them are precious and beautiful. Your creativeness is branching out now to more things and it looks like you are happy doing this new thing.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. I just trying the mixed media creation. It works and I enjoy it.

  2. I love your mixed media dolls, Terrie!!! They are so detailed and have such character.


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