Sunday, October 20, 2013

Workshops in Canada preparation 北美之行備課

Mogi, " I'm a mobile display with no pay, mum always treats me like that.  Can I say no?"
"It looks ok but a bit shades would be good."
"Alright, I'll do other bundles." 
Ok ok, let me do my way........Here comes a few samples....... 

Before and after look
I put some rose leaves and eucalyptus on silk to bundle boil.  With some iron mordant I got shades and outlines. 

Another piece of silk covered with cotton fabric, pretty mirror prints.  Silk got color while cotton got shades of purple to dark but clear.

Mogi, " hmmmmm, this looks good......"

I was invited to run workshops in Canada next month. 
A series of workshops will be held in Langley, BC during 25/11 - 30/11.  I will teach natural prints on silk scarf, 3D wool felt hollow vessel and clutch with 3D textural flap.  Below are samples I made for the workshops.
為準備11月底在加拿大的天然印染及一連串羊毛工作坊, 近日忙於製作課堂樣本, 現在一切就緒, 此北美之行, 寓旅遊於教學、會友及交流 , 深信又是一個不一樣的旅程 !
Natural prints on silk scarf, wool felt flower and bracelet
 3D hollow vessel

Wool felt clutch with 3D texture
Interested parties please email organiser 
I'm thrilled for my trip to North America, not only for the workshops I'll run, but also to learn from renowned artist Pamela A. MacGregor in Ohio for wool felt teapot.  Also to meet brilliant artists Dawn Edwards, Suzanne P Higgs, Ginny Huber......... I'm already in full swing.

Rich imprints with leaves of rose, eucalyptus, mandarin and other unknown.
Have a good day until next


  1. Fortunate students! I hope the workshops go really well!

  2. I just love these, especially the dark outlines. I'll keep working on this technique. Love your clutch too. Have a wonderful time at your workshop, I'm sure your students will too.

  3. How exciting! You will be in my country but unfortunately (for me) I live far away. Hope you enjoy your trip!

  4. Mogi fits right in with this dye lot! You make such beautiful things!

  5. How exciting for you to have been invited for such a good workshop. I can only imagine how happy everyone will be to learn from you some of your beautiful techniques. I would love to go to Canada, but I don't have a passport and now the weather is turning bad, so cold and possible snow. I would hate to get caught in a snow storm. I have not flown since I was 3 years old. I don't like to fly :(
    (((HUGS))) Susanne

    1. We're close in early Dec as I'll be in Ohio for the teapot making workshop with Pamela. Wave my hands there. Wow, will be cold then? Possible snow? I must wrap tightly !

  6. So happy for you and would love to be able to workshop with you, unfortunately sick father and your workshop would be three ferries and a days travel for me, but I ill be holding good creative thoughts....

  7. The last comment was from cedar

  8. I love how different the prints look on the cotton to the silk.. amazing. Congratulations on your workshops, I hope they go well! Have a great trip :)

    1. Thank you so much Deborah. My next mission, to share with like-minded and to learn a new skill of wool felt teapot. This reminds me your awesome teapot cozy!

  9. Hi I am visiting from Susanne's blog, the scarf you sent her was exceptionally beautiful, You are so talented.
    I love what you make and your blog is very beautiful.

  10. Looking so forward to seeing you Terrie and doing the first workshop! on Nov, 25th.

    1. Ginny, you're very supportive. Thank you so much in advance and a BIG hug !


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