Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nuno dresses for "Nuna Dolls" 娃娃新裝

I've done a series of dolls in nuno felt dresses (post here).  Recently I was asked if I can run a workshop for the making.  That made me to do with the eco printed silk scraps in my stash.  Here again my "Nuna" born........    dolls dressed in nuno felted dresses I named them "Nuna".
我曾經做了一系列穿著 nuno felt 裙子的娃娃 (此網誌), 被問及可會開班教受, 工序多又花時間, 短期不會教受了, 自己創作做多幾款裙子還可以罷, 如此我又做了兩個娃兒, 所有穿 nuno felt 裙子的我都叫作 "Nuna 娃", 這兩娃兒下海了.........

She walks in lavender field.......

She looks in the South China Sea near my studio.......

How the dolls born?      Here they go......
Paper clay bodies dried 
With helping hands of Mogi to paint the eyes, mouth.....
All materials for dress making are ready......
Laid both front and back, front is with more eucalyptus printed scraps and mulberry silk, back is of iron dyed with tie lines on the bottom.  All done with enclosed resist without needle or thread.  Finished then shaped with the body.
Rich texture of the front is what I want 
A nun?   No no.... Touch up with hair, arms and hat will be a fair lady.
Hair is Wensleydale curls
Well..... dressed up for the show

Walk in the beach........ with the little one......

More of less the same making for the little one but it has legs
Dancing in the air.....  
Rest on the rock
  Size and the look

Making them really takes time. That said running a workshop is not considered for the time being but for my own leisure another one of white dress is in the making.


  1. They are charming - worth the effort!

  2. These are so cute thank you for sharing your talent with us!
    Aly :o)

  3. You continue to amaze me with all that you create in your chosen art form. The dolls are so cute and I like the way you dressed them. Thank you also for your email. It was a pleasant surprise.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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