Friday, February 1, 2013

Keepsake for the brilliant workshop 一份紀念品

My CA workshops with Vilte Kazlauskaite and Irit Dulman was so great that I learnt a lot the skills, what's more is friendship that made my wonderful time in the sunny California.  What's best to do my practice with the new skills? 
 In the mid winter the fallen leaves were still rich in color, brown, red, yellow.......  Can't resist to pick up some......
The old oak trees behind Melinda's house are so huge
A lovely day with Monita to pick some windfalls in Central Park.... 
All the good days made me to make a keepsake with the leaves.  I steamed the leaves in between iron mordanted fabrics and papers to make the clear outlines.   
Here they come....
 I learnt the skills of nuno felt of sculptured texture, I made the book cover with wool and fabrics dyed there in the "witch pot" of euc, onion and wallnut.....

Now I'm back in the fascinated Hong Kong with lots of good memories in CA.  
Each page with the leaves picked there.  Oak, euc, liquidamber.. and other unknown sorts

They're pretty in shape and color.  I love all.

I binded it with plain paper in between for writing. 
A little journal for my keepsake of the nice days 
I made 3 little journals in a row 
These are nuno felt covers with euc leaves prints steamed 
One with a ceramic button closure
One tied with a wool felt knot 
 Both are nuno felt covers with textural look and pages also with prints and plain papers
These two little journals are special keepsakes for special friends who made my fabulous trips. 
Tied with a little ceramic button with "no secret"

Brought my heart back from Levis' Plaza, San Franscisco .....


  1. oh my gosh what beautiful creations, amazing, you have created beautiful keepsakes for yourself and friends,

  2. I love your creations, Terrie.
    To my new friend.

  3. Oh my goodness!! The red leaves on the books are absolutely stunning! Your journals are so very, very beautiful... I am truly blessed to have the book you sent me with such a gorgeous cover. These are incredibly special!

  4. Lovely - you've come back with so many memories, and new skills, too!

  5. I always love to se your many fine photos of your process, Terrie; always so inspiring! I am so glad that you learned some new skills toa dd to your many skills already mastered!

    1. Thank you Ginny. The papers with leaves prints are unique and such a lovely keepsake for the oversea trip.

  6. Hi Terrie, You are talented ! All your print designs are gorgeous and professional. Sure it will be comfortable and warm.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I love your design too, so unique and delicate.


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