Friday, February 15, 2013

Incidental outcome 錯有錯著的效果

"Blue, blue, mum never blue.....  how come mum made it blue", Mogi curious.
何以天然印染的白色羊毛衣有藍染 ?
A wool top of prints of eucalytus leaves with blue background.  How come?
Digged my wardrobe to do eco print experiments, I found this wool top with a blue stripe.
Placed the rose leave, eucalyptus leaves and twigs. rolled up and tied a bundle.  Boiled for an hour.  Oh my God....... it's breeding.... "blue blood".

The blue tie stripe was breeding and made the whole bundle blue.  Fortunately the leaves marks are still clear.

Thought it's the chemical dye of blue that made the eucalyptus leaves from red to dark. Oak leaf is same usual dark.
Twigs outlines are clear and bold.
Rose leaf is clear.

Tie marks on shoulder.
Mogi, "haha.... mum, you can't claim this is eco dye...."

Mogi, "no eye see it, mum should mind any color other than white when doing prints."
The accidental outcome is not too bad but it's not my idea of eco print.  Anyway, a lesson to learn.
這是錯有錯著的效果, 但我不能說是天然印染, 下次我要特別留意不可混有其他顏色做印染.


  1. I like it!
    I'm sure that you panicked when you saw the blue bleeding out, but the result is lovely! As always.

  2. looks nice though!!

  3. Say please and Valya wool not being damaged by prolonged boiling? prompt where you can read how to paint woolen clothes?

    1. Not much damage found on boiled wool. I simmered it but did have a bit loose but not shrunken.

  4. Might not of been the look you were hoping for Terrie, but it really is lovely!
    The twig and leaf prints are beautifully clear (you are so GOOD at that!) and the colour run is fortunately a pretty blue.. I think you should wear it with pride :)

  5. I say WOW, I love the blue! So pretty Terrie, sometimes there is a surprise in the pot after the boiling and the drying. Sometimes a pleasant surprise. I need to read all your posts from your trip to the US. I am so far behind since my husband has passed away.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

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