Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Reversible raw fleece vest 雙面羊毛背心

 Fall is around.  Feeling well and felting good.  During the 4-day long weekend, I made two vests with raw fleece. 一連四日悠閒假期, 藉著秋高氣爽, 開始我的羊毛背心製作, 也是新款式的嘗試, 用的大部份是未經處理的 Finn 及 Wenslaydale 原毛, 這是我很喜愛做冬日衣物的羊毛.  做了一件雙面背心及一件大碼背心 .
 This short one is reversible.  I used the nuno felt skill so in between is a chiffon that's a nice way to do the seamless wearable.  One side is mainly of Finn fleece and Wensleydale fleece. More textural, wild and curly locks I love most.
 The other side is of merino wool,  colar with curly locks.  
 Could be a warm vest with curly locks.
 Steps of making : First layered merino wool on both sides, then the  Finn and Wenslaydale fleece.
 Since the raw fleece are quite muddy and the wool needs lots of water, I have to do this in the open yard.
 Mogi examinated my layering.  He's a great helper ! 

 After the "rock n roll" for sometime, it's done.
 A pin of ceramic sheep is a good match.
 Hmmmmm, my laptop.....
Am I too slim or Mogi is huge ?! 
 This fluffy is warm enough.
 What so yummy?
Two vests made, one is large size and mine is small.

 Love this one, reversible with two looks.
"Mum, you  indulged too much time in your own stuff.  You should make me something next time."
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  1. They do look good and should be lovely and warm!

  2. Oh my goodness! These are beautiful!!!! Mogi is also beautiful :)

  3. Once again, you have made something so beautiful and I love that it is reversible! Also love seeing Mogi! That is one big, beautiful cat!

  4. Very nice Terrie! Love your vest the most! I didn't think Mogi was so big until I saw you holding him...he is just beautiful!

  5. oh my gosh how beautiful, very stylish!!!!You are such a tiny woman and Mogi is huge!!!Your vests are each a work of art, I hope you are well and happy, did you cut your hair shorter, it looks lovely!!!

    1. You're sweet Laurie also observant. Yes just have my hair trimmed. Another look and easy to care.

  6. Mogi looks huge . . . and soft and comforting too. You make such amazing pieces. Unique and stylish in each.

  7. You vests are beautiful and warm, I bet. Mogi is also beautiful. I love the pictures of Mogi on your shoulder.

  8. Terrie you always make me smile and Mogi, such a lovely animal and well loved. He has a good mommy to care for him and pamper him, that is good. Once again you amaze me with your handiwork. The vests are very nice to add to your wardrobe. You make a fashion statement with such lovely creations.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne:)

  9. Wow Terri your vest is gorgeous, looks so cozy and warm i imagine you'll get lots of wear out of it in the coming months xoxo

  10. Thank you all my friends. You're just being kind.

  11. warm and lovely. Mogi is huge! giggle. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. xo


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