Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm not lonely我享受此刻

Now in Guarda, Portugal. Before starting the wool workshop I grasped the morning to see around the historic town of Guarda. To my surprise I found my favourite poppies on the slope. Excited to capture some pictures. Today is my day. Thanks for friends sending me birthday wishes. I am not lonely. Enjoy being alone at this moment in the beautiful Portugal highland. Will be seeing some old faces new friends. A week full of fun I am sure.
Snapshots of the town Guarda


  1. such beautiful Poppies, I think they bloom perfectly for your birthday! Have a wonderful time and enjoy your class.

  2. Happy Birthday! What a lovely way to celebrate!

  3. Sounds like the perfect birthday!!
    Have fun at your workshop!
    Happy Birthday!!

  4. Happy Bday to you---a wonderful place to enjoy your special day. I love poppies. I hope to see you when HK when I visit Jun 21-July 10. Currenly, I am in Bari, Italy and will be back in California on the 10 of June. Looking forward to seeing your pictures of your workshop.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a lovely flower among the lovely flowers of the hillside in Portugal. Pretty lady, hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy your birthday.
    I am sending you a ((( BIG BIRTHDAY HUG)))
    Susanne :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Terrie. It sounds like you are enjoying your day. The poppies are lovely.
    Have fun at your workshops.

  7. Happy Birthday! Gorgeous poppies to celebrate the day!

  8. Hello Terrie,

    So cool that you can find another nice place to learn more felting skills. I'm waiting for your work. Or, you may find something unique in Guarda that can match your felt work, like fabric cloth or silk or.......etc.

    I hope I'll have more holidays next month coz' I want to learn more felting skills from, or have "High Tea" with you!!

    Enjoy your trip!!

    1. Thank, this is a wonderful workshop. Really enjoyable and broaden my skill. Hope to share with ou soon.

  9. Happy Birthday Terrie! Hope you have a lovely day, I am sure you will have lots of fun at the workshop!
    Beautiful photos xx

  10. Happy Birthday Terrie! Have a wonderful trip. xxx

  11. Happy Birthday, I saw Nicola's pictures on Facebook from the workshop. You are all making beautiful felt! I bet it is beautiful there!

  12. Thank you all ladies. The workshop is amazing with fabulous food, stunning environment. What most is the artist Nicolar Brown is wonderful.


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