Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fun share with colleagues 羊毛袋子製作分享

Last week my colleague L. passed by my desk and asked what I’ve been up to. I said same old indulged in wool craft and shown her the little pouch I made. She found it nice and wondering how it’s made. I said we can arrange some time to make one. Today with colleagues we spared the lunch time to join the fun. Due to time constraints, we made only the simple pouch for mobile phones. These are what they’ve made.
They're concentrated in laying wool.

They’re new to wool craft and surprised for the finished form without sewing. Yes, playing wet felt is magical. It's not popularly here in Hong Kong. I do like to promote it. Whenever I've the chance to show off, I'd like to "hard sell" this versatile craft.

Gals I hope you enjoyed the process and find it amazing.

This one with kissing sheep I made as sample.
If next time we’ve more time and space, I’d love more colleagues to join and make the pouches with a little embellishment or pattern.


  1. what wondeful creations you have made, they're beautiful,,

  2. How sweet to take your time and efforts to share your knowledge with others.

  3. this is lovely..crafting together is such funxx


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