Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cheer me up 耀目的色彩

It's a gloomy day here with forecast of rainy weekend. Too bad. To cheer me up looking at this bright color. My students done the pretty wool felt scarves days before. This one is eye catching and goes well with dark clothing. It also reminds me daffodils.

今日天色灰暗, 陰霾密佈, 天氣預告周未還會下雨, 在這使人懊惱的日子, 給我耀目的色彩. 日前學生做了羊毛頸巾, 這一款特別鮮明, 也另 我想起去年四月在荷蘭學羊毛工藝時, 沿河踏單車所見的燦爛水仙花.
Last April when I was in Frisland for the nuno felt workshop, I took a day to cycle along the river bank and saw these pretty daffodils. Missing my days !
This Monday evening four students joined my wool felt scarf workshop. They made it leisurely. Each done different color and style.
星期一的傍晚, 四位學生很聰明快捷的學會製作各有特色的頸巾.
"A seaweed" slip-on.
Another "slip-on" .

A drape look.

Below are how they laid it.

They're so talented and finished just in a couple of hours.

Gals, thanks for joining my workshop.

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  1. great results, you are also a great teacher Terriea.

  2. Beautiful scarf...when I saw the picture before I read your post, I thought of daffodils! Nice spring touch!


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