Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another trial of eco print 又一植物物印染

A trial on other sort of plant print on a chilly day.

Last Saturday was really a winter day here in Hong Kong. Awaken at 7am. Hubby said it's freezing outside and told me to stay in bed for Sat off. I said I was going to the park to pick some maple leaves for eco print. If I went late the leaves would be swept away. I must be an early bird. Wrapped myself and heading to the park in a cold but clear morning. I walked just 20 minutes from home to the park next to the financial centre.

The twin Bond Centre buildings look like steel giants.

The Hong Kong Park is of lushes in the high risese of commercial buildings.

Fishes in the pond.

An early bird can catch worms !

A Camellia garden in the front of the Tea Set Gallery.

I was intended to pick up some fallen maple leaves. Coincidentally found some fallen Camellia petals. I picked a lot to try the purple print.

Got quite a lot of maple leaves. Headed home immediately and done the test.

This is the comparison. Left one I laid the maple leaves and some Camellia petals. Middle one is after steamed in a thermo pot (kept warm for 24 hours). The right one is the outcome. Come out was not what I expected. I hope to get more bright and shape outlines. This is the first trial, hope to share and get others' advices.

A close up comparison.

If I can get the dark prints of maple leaves would be good. Though I put a wire net in the pot steamed together, still not dark. No idea. Will dig more info.

This piece was wrapped with a rust iron and got this result. So everytime come with different effect.

Maple leaves are not quite sharp.

I've done three pieces on chiffon. Though the prints are not bright, they still look soft. Have no plan what to do with the fabrics yet.

Anyway I got the idea of what plants will come with purple prints.

My sister bought me a bundle of pink roses and forget-me-not on our wedding anniversary. They're so pretty.

After a week, I hang dried it. The color is still so bright. Loving it.


  1. Beautiful scenery and unusual architecture! Love the scarf!

  2. So very pretty Terrie! I love the gorgeous flowers too. We are not seeing many blooms this time of year.

  3. Just beautiful, Terriea. I love the soft prints. Thank you for using Camellia sassanqua and reporting on it. I have them in my area but have not used them yet. You might try a little vinegar when using the reds, heat generally sends them toward the blue side. Iron in the water does help with the definition, but you may need to make an iron extract by boiling some scrap metals in a gallon of water and using it instead of metals in your fabric. Worth a try. Also, chiffon is very soft and you may not be getting the contact with the fabric that is required for sharp prints. try using a very smooth stick or pipe to roll your fabric on after placing the leaves. Schedule 40 PVC pipe works well, and is not harmed by the heat of cooking.

  4. Terrie, the photos of your walk to the park are beautiful. I love the one with the reflection of the buildings in the water.
    Your prints turned out beautiful too. They may not be as bright as you would have liked but I love the softness of it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Another lovely post, Terrie. I love that you used Sasanqua camellias. They are my favorite flower--very common in my hometown of New Orleans. I miss them so much living here in Colorado now. I think your prints are beautiful.

  6. what beautiful photos! The fish, the buildings, everything!
    Your work is amazing, what a gift you have.
    I use the book mark you made everyday, it reminds me of the beauty you create!

  7. The fabric would make gorgeous scarves! Very interested to see if the vinegar idea will make it more red... I so enjoy reading the process and seeing your photography! :)

  8. Beautiful pics Terri and the flowers are gorgeous, i love the softness of the prints they look so lovely :)

  9. Hi Terrie,

    Hong Kong sure looks beautiful! I enjoyed seeing the buildings and the fish.
    I love how you dyed the material using nature.


  10. Thank you all. James, thanks also for your advice of rolling and adding metal. Yesterday I tried again rolling around a long bottle with some newly picked maple leave. Challenge my patience to unwrap it after 2 more days. Will see how it looks.

  11. Your fabric print is amazing! I have never seen anything like this! Love it! Your blessed to be able to walk nearby to a wonderful park - beautiful scenery! I have enjoyed my visit and am happy to be your newest follower.

  12. How pretty...gorgeous prints! Love the scenes in the park, too!...hugs...Debbie


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