Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Getting cold, keep me warm.天冷了要保暖

It's getting cold these days. I made a nuno felt cape (wrap) with my dyed eco prints on silk. This is a reversible wrap with different styles.
This side of light look.
天冷了, 我做了這件可兩面穿的被肩, 用 nuno felt 技巧做的, 混有羊毛, 以雪紡做主要的底部, 用我自己做的植物印染雪紡做出有特別質感的效果, 很輕巧的被搭.

This side is with more wool and bright.

Thank you for Melinda who sent me this beautiful Wenslaydale fleece from the States.
The wrap is made of this silk printed with eucalpytus leaves, some merino wool, Wenslaydale fleece and mulkberry silk. Chiffon is the base.
I laid some merino wool on the chiffon base, put some Wenslaydale fleece and scattered some mulkberry silk over it. Wet it then turned it over.
I placed the leaves printed chiffon over the chiffon base and laid some merino wool in between. Wet it and rolled it.
Finished look of this side with my ceramic birdie pin on. Both sides look. Front look like a coat.
Light and easy to put on. Back look like a wrap.
A wrap around
Warm with mittens as a set.
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  1. Wow... that is amazing. My favourite side is the light pink with the birdie pin.

  2. Terrie--I really like that this wrap is reversible. It would make a wonderful travel wrap, since it could go with many different outfits for a completely new 'look'!

  3. I've never tried nuno felting, but plan to in the near future. Thanks for sharing your inspiring pieces. I love the mittens!!

  4. Very impressive work, Terrie. I can't believe I am saying it, but I like your pink colours! You somehow make it cozy but not too sweet

  5. Hi Terrie, thank you for your visit. I love your work, you are so very creative, just beautiful! Your little Mogi looks just like a cat I had once, he was a Persian named Serado. Come say hi any time, I am going to follow your blog. :D

  6. Stunning! Absolutely stunning. What a beautiful way to stay warm and cozy.

  7. Ooo I love your mittens Terrie! And the ceramic birdie pin is perfect on the light side of the wrap.. I like how different the character of the 2 sides is.. really lovely!

  8. Oh Terri, how beautiful that first picture of the pink one. Have you ever sewn beads or pearls to any of your lovely shawls? I think they are so pretty and every time I think you have shown us the best one yet, you make another thing that is more awesome than the last one. I think so far this is my favorite one.
    {{{HUGS}}} Susanne :)

  9. Thank you all my dear for your sweet comments. I thought of adding some glass beads on lower part of it. It looks a bit sparkling. The pink side texture may be a better look.

  10. Hi Terrie,
    You are so talented. Very nicely done. I live to do creative things too.

  11. Terry Beatiful Nuno Felt and reversible ! execelent,regards from Chile.


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