Thursday, October 6, 2011

Creativity is doing whatsoever enjoying 自我享受的創作

Can't believe this kind of eucalyptus leave can do the bright red

dyeing. I tried a few kinds of euc leaves. All those were of long and narraw can only give brownish green. I bought these fresh round ones in a florist. I bundled with a silk chiffon and just steamed for 30-min without any mordants. Let it stay in the pot for a few hours it come out so strong and bold prints. I'm happy with this.沒想到片片綠葉竟會做出鮮艷的印染, 先前用拾來的細長桉樹葉效果一般, 日前在花店買到這些入口圓狀桉樹葉, 祗須包扎著葉子在鍋上隔水蒸熱 30分鐘, 待六小時便可. Prints on a white chiffon is sharp and airy. 我個人覺得以雪紡印染效果最好, 很輕柔.

I want an eco dyed fabric not only draped like this. I will play my magic to make it a unique
piece with my nuno felt skill. Hope to show you soon. 印染在雪紡即可成為一塊圍巾, 但我想利用nuno felt 技巧做件更有創意的衣物, 讓我容後展示.

"Creativity means loving whatsoever you want to do - enjoying it, as a gift of existence" - someone's quote. Creating is such a beautiful thing if you wish to. I'm so honored to have featured in Creating Success Around the World Knowing you is a great pleasure. We can inspire each other. I'd like to invite you to share my path of creating in the featured blog .
創作於我是奇妙的過程, 是享受, 是啟發思維. 網誌是分享, 是觀摩, 想不到Janelle 要為我做個 "成功製作人" 的專訪 , 幸會幸會 ! 請你也分享我的創作點滴. 請看此. 謝謝分享.

Thanks Janelle for the interview. Happy creating !

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  1. I think your new creation is just magic! Who would know this would make red! I enjoyed reading this post very much,, evciting and I always love to see the cats,,

  2. Great result. I wish eucaliptus is growing in Poland :(.

  3. congrats my friend...beautiful workxxlynda

  4. Oh, how lovely this new creation of yours! So very pretty, I just can't say enough good things about it!

  5. Hello Terrie,
    I also dyed with eucalyptus leaves, bought at the supermarket. My basic dye were dried hollyhocks.
    Like you, there are beautiful orange prints created on ponge, chiffon and needle felt.
    Is not it amazing what nature gives us?
    Warm regards,

  6. This is amazing, I love the natural projects you share! Congratulations on your interview, and thank you for linking up at Freestyle Friday! Have a wonderful weekend, Terrie!


  7. Oh, Terrie--What a lovely interview! It was nice to learn some new things about you in it!!
    Congratulations!!!! XXO--


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