Saturday, September 10, 2011

Scarf transformed from error 將錯就錯的圍巾

I was intended to make an eco-printed scarf. Somehow it turned out unsuccessful. I transformed it to acrylic painting.本想做植物印染圍巾, 失敗了, 改為塗鴉, 以acylic 顏料畫花吧. Recently I tried to use different plants for dyeing but I didn't aware it's no good on nylon. 近日愛上植物印染, 以為什麼白色布料都可以上色.

Only very light stains I got. That's a very good experiment I learnt. I know now cotton or silk fabric are more appropriate for such dyeing or prints. 誰知這件有尼龍成份的布料不易著色, 棉質及絲質較為可行.

I don't want to waste the failed scarf. I transformed it to acylic painting.不想就此糟塌一件物料, 隨意塗上Acrylic 畫花, 反正又是另類練習.

This turned out to a bright and washable scarf. 這效果顏色鮮明還可洗滌.

Goes with my onion skins dyed nuno felt top ?!
也襯這件真的洋蔥植物漂染 nuno felt上衣吧 !?

My Mogi said "Mum, waste not, want not. We can make use of every piece. You made it and I love it !"


對事對物, 我們不隨便放棄, 多嘗試,總會有點作為 !

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  1. That is so pretty Terrie. Love the kitty all draped up in your pretty scarf too. Have a great day!

  2. Very pretty! Looks great with your felt top! Beautiful kitty too...

  3. i think Mogi is very smart! Your work is lovely,,

  4. this is so pretty love it

    Follow Back Please

  5. Your scarf turned out lovely! I think this is a "happy accident" and one you might want to repeat!
    x, Val

  6. Such pretty creations...you are so talented! Your kitty is beautiful!

  7. So beautiful, Terrie! I would frame a portion of it and hang it on the wall, it's so lovely!

  8. Its marvelous!!! The sign of a true artist is being able to make 'mistakes' into creative beauty... I think sometimes our mistakes open up avenues we would have never ventured down any other way... and then of course, there are some mistakes that even a true artist can't fix...and those probably sit on a shelf somewhere or we force ourselves to throw them out :))) lol!!

  9. What a beautiful scarf. You are a talented painter. I am a new follower.

  10. Thanks all gals. You're just being kind. It's my trial on every piece. Learn from erros.

  11. That's so sweet.. kitty loves it! I love how you're resourceful and realize that everything can be salvaged into something else. The scarf is really pretty! It may not have resulted in how you originally intended, but it still works! andrea @ townandprairie

  12. A lovely scarf Terrie and a wonderful blog. I just came to your blog from Wingham Wools, I live in Devonshire right by the ocean!

  13. Gorgeous scarf but I love the "model" even MORE!!! meow......

  14. Good thinking,Terriea! Lovely decorative piece.

  15. How very beautiful! You are so talented! ♥

  16. Pretty scarf Terrie. I can't wait to see more of your eco creations.
    Have a nice day! Jeanie


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