Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nuno felted book 羊毛質感的本子

I made this nuno felt covered book with inspiration from Rutenis, a Lithuania (立陶宛) artist and my friend VL’s stunning captures of terraced fields in Yunnan (雲南).

I know Rutenis via FB . She’s so nice and generous to send me this unique wool felt covered book done by herself. Her works are gorgeous. When I shared in FB, my friend VL was impressed and said if I could make one for a photobook she would be my first customer. Too good to be true ! To respect the rights of Rutenis, I asked her permission to have my peek of making on blog. She’s glad and said that it’s not her invention and technical “secrets” are something ridiculous to keep for oneself. Good feltmakers will discover it by themselves. This drives me to try and explore.

VL is a charming lady with sharp photography. No matter animals, people, drops of water or scenery all captured are compelling. Her painting is another state-of-art. Although she said she’s amateur, she’s professional in my eyes. Recently she returned from a trip in Yunnan. The greenery terraced fields were just amazing. I got the idea to make the cover.

I used nuno felt skills with some prefelt houses, silk chiffon, merino wool, Mulberry silk, fleece and lace.

Layered the "scenery", wet it and felted it.

I cut the used paper board and wrapped the cover. Made some loose pages inside and tied with a ribbon.

Enclosed with a knot of wool rope and my handmade ceramic button.

Backcover of the book.

It looks abstract. I made this with the imagination of myself in the greenery canola fields !!

I like my friends who always have brilliant ideas or suggestions that I may want to challenge. I learned from trials and errors. VL, you’re so kind to encourage me to try a photobook with wool felt. This is a guinea pig free for you. It’s my honour to have it in your hands. Hope you like it.

It may not be nice for photobook but a scrapbook for the travel memory would be fine.

My sincere thanks for Rutenis’ kindness. This book she made has a warm touch. I love the unique texture and use it for my wool felt notes.
Rutenis’ “Royal python“ and my “Tiger” were the gorgeous pets we both missed. I put their images on the first page for our friendship and memory.

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  1. Another lovely creation! Love the colors Terrie.

  2. Fantabulous Terri!!!!! Absolutely wonderful!! And I really love the little houses...what a beautiful creation!! :)))

  3. You have been so busy here Terrie! I love what you are doing with the plant dyes, and your wet felting is beautiful. Life and being creative is smiling on you :o)
    x, Val

  4. Wow! Within week time, you have achieved so much - the dye process using parts from plants and trees are absolutely eye opening! So inspiring!

  5. WOW!!! Terrie you are so talented and creative! I love what you have done. The ceramic button is a nice finishing touch.

  6. Thant's such a cool idea. I have tried felting once (with my girly guides) but wouldn't have thought of a book cover.

  7. Very nice job you made! Great choise of colors and general impression look srich and finished.

  8. Thank you all ladies. Sincere thanks to Rutenis you inspired me. Your creation is perfect.

  9. I love the saturated color scheme in this piece of fiber art! andrea @ townandprairie

  10. Stunning work, dear Terriea! It is a special talent to work with colors and textures and you've got one! Lots of hugs from Cyprus! Tatiana

  11. Andrea and Titiana, you're sweet. Thanks.


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