Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nunu Felt Vest 羊毛雪紡背心

It's a hot summer weekend. I still love playing with wool. I tried this nuno felt vest in the weekend with mix medium. Materials are mainly silk chiffon and wool, white is the basic one. Small pieces are for pattern, plus some lace, some mulberry silk and the resist template.

Lay the wool, chiffon pattern, mulberry silk over the resist and cover with wool.

Wrap both and do the "rock & roll" for approx. 25-min.

Here turned out the finished vest

- the front

The back.

I fixed it with my handmade ceramic button. This vest can be a summer top or in winter goes with a sweater.

Close up of texture.

I've made some ceramic buttons just for wool felt clothes or for fabric bags. Love to do own handmade stuff as much as possible.

OMG ! Who thrown all over and broken a few pieces ? Mogi curious on it, as well Tiger.

Oh it's you both Mogi and Tiger chasing over the table and poured the container upside down. Fortunately only broken 2 pieces.

Cats, I love you and have to tolerate what you've done. That's me the "cat slave" !


  1. your vest is just lovely,, you are so talented and the buttons are as well, do you have to put your buttons in a kiln to fire?I'm sorry to be such a bother but one more question,, do your cats go outdoors or are they indoor cats, thankyou for sharing your beautiful work,

  2. Just lovely and perfect for the hot weather. You must have quite a collection of your new found craft.

  3. Beautiful vest! :) Appreciate the photos of how its done...I need to look it up and start studying about it all... LOVE!!! those ceramic buttons...especially the owls!! :)))

    Oh Oh!! Bad Kitty!! :)))

  4. The vest is just too lovely. And you even make your own buttons! That is very special.

  5. Thank you ladies.
    Laurie, the ceramic buttons need to bire in the kiln for twice. My cats are indoor cats, they're not allowed to go out.

  6. Love the vest - and the cute cats! Erika

  7. Hi!
    Congratulations on this wonderful vest.
    The percentage of scaling a template?
    40% or 50% more?
    Thank you in advance for your answer!
    Best regards from Hungary.<3

    1. Thanks Szinalko. Percentage of the template is about 40% on this vest.
      Terrie from Hong Kong


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