Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nuno felt vessel

I usually make wool felt vessel with all the wools. After I learned the skill of nuno felt I discovered making a vessl with this skill is good for a glowing pot as it needs less wool and the texture is great.
I made this vessel with scraps of silk chiffon, mulberry silk and a few pieces of lace with a card template.

I put the silk chiffon scraps (better to soak into water and squeeze wrinkles before putting on) on the template and covere with white merino wool.

Sprinkle some water over it.

Put a white chiffon over it and turn it over. Do the same steps, put wool and silk scraps on the other side then enclose the whole template with white chiffon.

Roll it with bubble wrap and do the rolling. After fully felted, cut the top to open the "mouth" and shape it full.

A finished look - it can be a holder of your little treasure.

This is the other side of the look. The texture is what I wanted.

It is thin. If you put a LED lamp inside, it can be a glowing decoration.

Linking with Debbie Doo's Newbie party.


  1. Love the vessel, definitely have to give it a try. Thanks for posting such a lovely project.

  2. this is beautiful,, I love the look with the light shining through,, thankyou for visiting me today as well, I hope you are well, and having a good sunday!!

  3. This is absolutely lovely!! So delicate refreshing and beautiful!!!

  4. He Terrie...these are so pretty and I just love the colors. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  5. Beautiful! And much simpler than I suspected. I'm terrible at knit and crochet, but I think I could do this.

  6. Love the little bowl -- absolutely love the texture and colors!

  7. oh.. this is so precious. you are very clever! gorgeous with the lamp showing through!!

  8. Beautiful!! I really like the white wool with the colorful silk! I really need to try nuno felting again.


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