Sunday, April 24, 2011

Can't wait to do my nuno felt 急不及待的制作

After Vilte's workshop I can't wait to do some experiments of nuno felt wearables. During Easter holiday I made a few pieces. Really love the light feel and can't imagine I can make summer clothing like this with wool.
學了 Vilte 的 Nuno Felt 技術, 趁復活節假期, 我完成了兩件制作. Nuno felt 實在太好玩, 羊毛原來也可做到輕且薄的夏日衣裳.

The centre embellishment is made of chiffon, wool and silk.
It's "tricky" and fun to make - it's sticked on it with motions.

紋理浮現突顯衣飾這部份是用雪紡, 絲及羊毛以輕柔動作擠壓而成.
A chic piece for my girl. 這件夠 chic 吧 !?

This piece was made during the workshop but I further modified

the neckline and waist to fit me more. That's a magic just wet the dress and use hand motion to make it a bit wider or narrower. After dried all fit.

裙子原先在課堂已完成, 回港後我把領口加大點, 把腰身修窄點, 祗要把須修改的部份加點水再輕揉幾下就 fit 哂, 真的, 是這麼神奇 !

I fond of nuno felt wearables more and more. You see just use chiffon and some wool together with soap and water with your magic hands, a nice dress or top can be made - it's seamless without using thread or needle to make it together. No, no, not even with glue. Some people queried me if glue's used.
我愛上 nuno felt, 就是這麼奇妙, 祗用雪紡, 羊毛加些皂水便可做到一件漂亮衣裳 - 原件無須針線縫邊. 朋友問是否用膠水黏合, 噢 ! 絕不 !

This book "How to make Nuno Felt" gives me inspiration to learn. Vilte gives me skills and confidence to make. I'll do more experiments on nuno felt. Soon will do dresses for my little angels.
游惠君的 一書 " How to make Nuno Felt" 給我很多靈感, Vilte
給我技巧與信心, 我會繼續作多方嚐試.

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  1. Amazing!! And so beautiful.... I especially love the top in the first couple photos. It looks so soft and feminine... just wonderful, looking forward to seeing your progress with it all!

  2. Wow great creations Terriea!! Nunofelting is indeed fun to do. Still need to make a dress for my daughter´s h.Communion.... succes experimenting!!

  3. Such an interesting piece of work and unique. I am completely and totally inspired! This is a must learn for me. Thanks for sharing

  4. Wow Terrie, the last piece is really a nice one. Can the dress be washed? Just wonder... I bought some felt too last week on my trip to KL, thought of making some art, after seeing you have so much fun with felt, haha.

    1. Dear Milka,

      Am looking to start a felting project as well for which I'll need A LOT of wool. Where did you buy yours in KL?
      Are there any other suppliers there or in the region you could recommend??

      Many many thanks!


  5. Thanks gals. Yes, it's fun. Hope to share with you ideas and love to see your works.

  6. Felting is something I want to try for myself! You can do just about everything with this technique! From clothes, to bags, to hats, to bowls!!!
    You got some magic hands, that's for sure! :)

  7. Thanks for checking out my blog! It looks like you have some sweet projects going on! Love it!

  8. Isn't it fun to be so creative and to be able to make something new and unique that no one else has...Now you need to make a pretty light weight shawl to go with the new items you make...your photos of your trip are lovely. I am sure you hated to leave, but always good to return home to family.

  9. Terrie that is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  10. Your creations are beautiful. I also love to make nuno felt dresses and know how fun and exciting it is. Love Vilte's work as well. Keep creating!


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