Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh my Bag ! 我用心縫制的袋子

Carrying a label bag may have the sense of pride. Giving my handmade bag to someone who appreciates the love behind makes me warm. Just love the soft and light feel of fabric and I will do as much of my own design and hand make.
The left one with my wool felted black cats and a coconut button from my daughter's used rattan handbag. The other two with chirping birds which I made and painted with acrylic. The lower part of the fabric are the curtain samples my mother gave me.
(Please double click all pictures for larger view)
My sister Pauline said she loved my bags and asked me to make one more. So this one with a yellow chirping bird was made for her. Please scroll down to see how I made it.

Lindy is my great supporter. She loves my handmade stuff. This one is big enough for her to carry large documents. It's with zipper, lining and inner bags. Hope she finds it nice and practical.

This one is for myself. I can carry lunch box to office.

This is how I made it. I cut the bird body and wing shapes in white fabric, sewed with cotton enclosed. Then painted with acrylic.

The bird was then sewed on the bag . The tree trunk was also cut from white fabric and acylic painted. Then sewed it twisted. I'm satisfied with this look. Have to admit my sewing skills are not that good, stitches are not quite straight. These are simple bags but it took some hours to finish one. My sister said when she looked at the bag and touched the soft fabric, she smiled. I'm happy she loves it.


  1. Those are beautiful bags! I love how you made the shapes and then painted them, what a neat idea.

  2. 好少见亚洲人咁CREATIVE,有咪BLOG忝!Thank you for visiting and following my blog, you make my day :)

  3. Such pretty bags that you've made Terrie! Love the hand painted birds and the flower fabric at the bottom. The more practice you have with sewing the better your stitches will become. Practice makes perfect!

  4. Lovely bags, Terrie, and so much love and care sewn into them. Whoever receives such a beautiful bag will appreciate it indeed. :o)

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