Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Felt Box class 羊毛氈盒子制作

My first class of wool felt this year. Thanks for the girls who made these beautiful boxes in the start of 2011. Indeed, this open class of wool box making is the first one I run. I call this "Treasure Box" as I love it for keeping "little secrets". For people who're first encountered wool may find this craft amazing - how come it can be shaped to a 3-D box ! Yes, amazingly wool is a versatile media. While it's wet and fully felted you can make it round or square. Hope that people here in the tropical region will gradually find wool felting interesting. I love to share my skills and my next class will be making bracelet.
新的一年第一班羊毛氈課程,同學們做了這些盒子,看這些燦爛制作,正正開始我繽紛的一年。 我愛這些漂亮羊毛盒子,就叫 ”月光寶盒” 吧,讓它盛著小小的秘密,羊毛氈工藝就是這麼神奇,充滿創造性,搓圓按扁,做出立體形狀,希望香港有更多人喜愛羊毛氈工藝,下一堂將會教羊毛手鐲及手帶製作又一新嘗試。
Almost 3 hours, girls made these colorful boxes. The light yellow ones can be used as glowing boxes if a LED lamp is in.

Below is how they made it.
Wool laying on a round template.
Covered both sides of the round template and did the rubbing.

Ater fully felted, cut the lid.
Loosely stitched around the seam to secure the round shape.
Embellished with glass beads.
Treasure box finished, glowing with LED lamp.


  1. Thanks for sharing! It's so neat how the one piece of felt became the box & the lid. And no loosing it! Bonus. :)

  2. Thank you for visiting me. You have lovely ideas and very nice tutorial for you boxes and lids. I was here the other day and saw the beautiful cat picture. My youngest daughter has 2 cats, one weighs 25 pounds. next time she is here I show her your pretty cat.

  3. The comment above was not meant to be anonymous, sorry, I have a lot to learn yet :)

  4. Thank Laura and Susanne for the sweet comments. Susanne, what a cat of 25 pounds ! Wow, please show me next time.

  5. Happy you came to see Jack. He is big boy for sure and very lovable. To answer your question about the sprouting potatoes being poisonous, the sprouts might be (I will have to research that) but the potatoes are fine to eat. Just break off sprout, peel, and fix to eat :)

  6. Hi Terrie, thanks for visiting and following my blog! I love felt. I would love to come and play with the wool and make felt with you. The boxes are so pretty, love the cats! Have a wonderful weekend! Annie

  7. I love that you are teaching your craft to others, Terrie. Lovely class, lovely results. Thanks for sharing!
    x, Val

  8. Thanks Annie and Val. Felting is really versatile. Love to teach and share. Do like the blog interaction with you.


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