Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wool felt notebook cover for my sister

My sister Pauline asked me to do a wool felt placemat and a cover for her notebook. I'm most happy to do anything for her. She said she'd love the combination of sheep, flower, hill, trees, house etc. So I created a piece like this country style. I love poppies thus made the mat with it.
When the notebook's not in use, cover it with this just like a picture.

My sister is a great supporter to my crafts. She appreciates the handmade stuff. This picture is not that good to my expection. I would have made the hill and the tree colors more lovely, somehow it didn't. Since I was so eager to give her, I leave it as it is.

Please see how I made it. The placemat was layered like this.
I prefelt the trees and house and cut it.

All layered like this.
The layering likes more lovely but after felted the colors were not up to my imagination. Just hope my sister loves it.


  1. Your sister is going to love them!
    This must be like watercolors. When my paints dry, they are always more muted than I had hoped for.

  2. Thanks Kelly and Sandee. Outcome of wool felt color of scenery is not that easy to handle. I've to do more.


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